”One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
— -Bob Marley

Martin lives in Portland, OR, where he explores the intersection of the melodies and rhythms of his semi-nomadic journey.  His family traveled between many places before settling in Portland, including the UK, Peru, France, Ecuador, Spain, and several parts of the USA.  His music reflects this journey, while it is also grounded in what is common to the human experience, always seeking to find a way to weave unique elements from different cultures through the lens of songwriting. 


Martin considers himself a child of the radio generation, and after attending Berklee College of music on a scholarship and touring extensively with several successful groups, he decided to go back to his longing to write his own music.  Fascinated by the emergence of simplicity from the complex and seemingly chaotic nature of life, Martin is constantly listening to the world around him in search of a song.


Martin's past collaborations include:

Pink Martini

Mario Frangoulis

Sean Ghazi

Dave Eggar

Rufus Wainwright

Edna Vazquez

Simon Shahin

Women Of The World

Michael Feinstein

Aliens From Other Planets


Two IMA prizes for best song

Four IMA nominations for best song